You can’t give moustache rides without a mo an effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer, and to help rid the calendar of any month that begins “No”, some mates from Australia and New Zealand launched “Movember,” a 30 day stretch where dudes let their “mo” (Australian for “moustache) grow. Now in its fourth year, Movember is going international, spreading to the UK, Canada, Spain, and the United States.

Anyone can join… well, assuming you can grow facial hair. Just register online with a clean mug, alone or with some buds, and you’ll earn the title “Mo Bro.” Ladies can also join as a “Bro Sista” who’ll help recruit and support the Mo Bros.

Local Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who raise $100 from sponsors by the end of Movember gain entry into a gala celebration at the Avalon on November 30th, where their mos will be judge by an “expert panel” for titles including Gala Parté Man of Movember or Best Mo in Class. (Mo Sistas who go dressed complimenting their Mo Bro are also eligible to be crowned Miss Movember.)

If you join, drop us a note here so we can check in on how your mo is goin’ throughout the month – and if you’re posting photos documenting the growth, be sure to tag them “movember los angeles”.

Video proMo after the jump…

2 thoughts on “You can’t give moustache rides without a mo”

  1. My money is on the fat lady in menopause around the corner getting the thicked one in Movember.
    Nice post.

    Kidding aside, I give a lot to this cancer. Two of my uncles are survivors of this particular cancer.

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