The Scoops Scoop: Last Minute Weekend Edition matter how busy I am with my other writing gigs, my day job, moving, and blogging, I’ll always have time to stop and get some Scoops ice cream. Eager to get a sneak peek at some of Tai’s always-exciting weekend flavors, I pedaled down to HelMel for a taste.

This weekend’s flavors are all about combining the sweet and the salty, making for some particularly exotic combinations.

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Salt and Squash
Sea Salt White Chocolate
Salt Caramel
Salt Avocado and Honey
Butter Squash and Kabocha

To my disappointment none of these flavors will be ready until Saturday. Of course, being disappointed at Scoops is like winning a million bucks in the lottery when you were hoping for two. I walked away with a cup of Maple Brownie and Coconut. The Maple Brownie is just as good as it sounds, but for a relatively straightforward flavor the Coconut was amazing, with actual chunks of coconut in the ice cream.

And now, for the Scoops Suggestion Board suggestion of the week:

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  1. My version may have the best local selection of nostalgic candy, but yours rocks in the ice cream dept. Good thing I’m not closer.

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