Gimme A Sign: Who Wants To Know!?


On one hand there’s the old saw about the only stupid questions being those not asked, but every time I bike commute home from work past this wonderfully aged sign (dig the big blue stylized question mark) just off Jefferson Boulevard through an industrialized section at the border of Culver City and some mysterious L.A. designated community known as Cameo Plaza, I’m left answering this signage’s seemingly incongruous question with many more of my own: WTF? You talkin’ to me? That’s kinda personal don’tcha think? And just who in the what, where, and why are you attempting to address? Not to mention: even if I had hoses to disconnect and hadn’t, wouldn’t I have figured that out by now on my own?

4 thoughts on “Gimme A Sign: Who Wants To Know!?”

  1. i think it was a prop left over from “when a stranger calls” but they decided to go with “have you checked the children?” instead. looking back, i think they made the right decision.

  2. I thought it was always “did you disconnect the battery?”. At least that’s one of the basics in autoshop a bajillion years ago.

  3. I often see the future. For example, I saw that on November 20th, 2007 God shook Japan severely, (perhaps a magnitude of 8.3) and followed it immediately with a crushing blow on New York City. This is more than a prediction. This is a warning! Keep your loved ones and yourself safe on that fateful day.

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