California Mathematics Council Convention in Palm Springs

Today, math teachers from all across Southern California arrived in Palm Springs to attend the CMC-South conference. We will listen to guest speakers talk about math, about teaching math, and about math technologies available for the classroom.

Held at the Palm Springs Convention center, there are dozens of workshops for K-12 educators. The best part (!!) is the huge exhibition hall filled with vendors. There are the people who sell rubber stamps, and the people who sell software (for PC, Mac, and TI!), and the people who sell nothing but every kind of dice you have ever seen. Last year, I spent nearly $100 on dice alone: d10, d30, dice within a die, mini dice, foam dice, inflatable dice!

I’ll save the details for the follow-up post (coming very soon!)…. meanwhile, pray for my substitute. I’m hittin’ the hay. I’ve got a big day tomorrow! I’ll post pictures when I have ’em.

One thought on “California Mathematics Council Convention in Palm Springs”

  1. ok, kids! on the count of three, i want you to say “yay math!”. one, two, three! YAY MATH!

    my kids will actually do this. thugly eighth graders. it reeks of awesome.

    cmc-s = math party in the desert.

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