Tonight: The Shining at Hollywood Forever

shining_twins_1.jpgHands down one of the best reasons to live in LA, and easily the best weapon in your arsenal of things to rub in the face of your friends who don’t live in LA is the movie screenings at Hollywood Forever by Cinespia. Especially the special screenings. Like tonight’s special Halloween showing of The Shining. From their announcement:

“undoubtedly the scariest film ever made, the shining is nothing less than perfect. with sublime direction from Kubrick and unsurpassed performances by jack nicholson, shelley duvall and seven year old danny lloyd, it is at once terrifying and entertaining. a caretaker and his family are snowed in at the overlook hotel, and discover that it is haunted by spirits who have a sinister plan for them. Bring blankets, drinks and picnic dinner for this special screening below (and above) the stars.”

Same deal as the summer screenings – gates at 5:30 pm, film at 7:00 pm, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard. $10 donation to get in, ride a bike and skip the huge ass gridlock of cars waiting to get in.