ICME:Paw Print Stickers

pawprints.jpg Running about this little gem caught my eye. Paw Print Stickers on the hood of a brand spanking new car (it still has its paper temporary registration in the window). I love pet owners who feel the need to advertise their preference. What, they weren’t satisfied with letting kitty make its own tracks in the dust? Was this meant to be the preferred stepping stones across the hood? I personally like the big streak down the windshield as proof a kitty was near. Enjoy this little “it caught my eye” moment, now get back to work.

pic by me with the trusty che-ez, doesn’t get bigger and if it did it would still be all arty and stuff.

One thought on “ICME:Paw Print Stickers”

  1. They may PSU fans. In areas with college feline mascots (Clemson, Auburn etc.) cars are covered with paw prints.

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