5 thoughts on “Awesome Day of the Dead pictures from Hollywood Memorial Cemetary”

  1. Don’t dis my homies, Will – the Boingboing folks are awesome, and two of the four of them are right here in Fair Los Angeles.

  2. Dissin’ Ruth? There’s a point you be missin’. I loves me the BoingBoing. I visit them too much and hell I’ve gone gun shooting with Xeni and we bonded so well that in my mind we’re like cousins now. Thrice removed maybe and there’s that restraining order that’s still active, but cousins.

    Nah, I was just harumphing all neglected and whiny-like over the love Wil had for the love BoingBoing had for photos of an event I’d posted about here.

  3. OK, children-enough bickering. I wish I had been there for all the main events, but I had to do less important stiff, er, STUFF (haha) that nevertheless saw me there in the early part of a day that I later had to miss.

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