Red Flag parkers must choose: Whine or Burn

According to the L.A. Times, not everyone in the Hollywood Hills was aware of the red flag warnings last week as wildfires decimated the Southland. LA parking enforcement officers wrote 400 citations for red flag parking violations, and impounded 100 vehicles.

Residents have little excuse – you can sign up for text alerts, email alerts, or receive an automated phone call by registering at the LAFD’s Red Flag information site. (or simply reading periodically – Ruth666 is on top of these announcements like Antonio is on Mirthala). And if this isn’t enough, per the Times, “Electronic signs in some canyon areas are also being considered as a way to announce red flag conditions.”

One resident had a half decent argument: “What if I go away for a weekend and it’s suddenly a red flag day on Saturday? . . . Who’s going to move my car?”

But even that would really mean little if your car impeded emergency vehicles, and lost precious time moving your vehicle instead of saving a house from burning, or worse, killing other residents.

Unfortunately, part of the price you pay moving into the Hollywood Hills, or in other neighborhoods with red flag parking restrictions, is that maybe you don’t leave your car unattended for days at a time without a “sitter.”

On the bright side, the Times reports that since the Griffith Park fire earlier this year, more people have been “following the rules and keeping informed about red flag warnings since then.”

3 thoughts on “Red Flag parkers must choose: Whine or Burn”

  1. I think the city should hand out “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” cards for celebs windshields. I mean, c’mon it’s only fire safety lanes we’re talking about.

  2. Michael #1,

    Instead of receiving a card, they have apparently been directed to call the LAFD ‘Media’ Relations line during the height of emergency activity, where they shout those same words ad infinitum into the ears of yours truly.

    Oh what a world .

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  3. Yes, I’m on this one. And I’ve signed up for both email and phone alerts just in case one fails. I post as soon as the info comes in.

    And yes inconvenience is the price we pay for living in a fire zone.

    But I will also say that I doubt my neighbors have the first clue that we are in a Red Flag zone (or that such things even exist). I know it’s our own responsibility, and that funds are tight but I would love it if LAFD would send fliers to homes in the Red Flag zones at the beginning of the fire season as a reminder.

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