Pirate Ship in Monrovia, urban legend in the making?

pubmastheadhdrtm8bitvp.jpg I wrote about this incredible house on W. Hillcrest in Monrovia last week HERE. They are nearly complete and it is something to behold. The crowning touch has got to be the tall mast with the required sail and flag each sporting a jolly roger. The attention to detail when you wander about makes this even better close up. I do believe this is what becomes an urban legend best. (Sorry I couldn’t pass up the old advertising slogan).
more pics after the jump!

I talked with a few more family and friends busy working on the final touches. This is huge and the details are nice. Few skeletons hanging in the trees, jack-o-lantern’s guarding a fence and pier nearly done with the construction phase. It’s all a labor of love.

If you are on the 900 Block of West Hillcrest you have to check this one out on your trick or treating rounds, something no kid will soon forget. This may not be an urban legend yet, but it has a great start. Think our own “Winchester House” if they play their cards right..

Pics by me. Shot bracketed and post processed with photomatix HDR and Tonemapping software. High res versions will make it eventually to the LA Flickr Group.

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  1. Hi! I lived on W. Hillcrest during my childhood. Hillcrest/Highland and I was hoping you could give me the cross street of this photo. :) My family and I have enjoyed this photo.
    Thank you!

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