Bladerunner is now

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Snapped this shot of the Staples/Nokia center last weekend. It was Deckard’s LA right down to the streaming skylights and overly bright video billboards. Sorry, no Japanese lady popping bonbons into her mouth though.

Staples was hosting some sporting event, and Nokia was hosting the Eagles.

I hadn’t had a bad day, but I do hate the fuckin’ Eagles….

8 thoughts on “Bladerunner is now”

  1. I’ve driven by this thing a few times lately, and I agree, it does have a Bladerunner feel, if you replace the dystopic street folks from Bladerunner with the dystopic American middle class.

    And the Eagles are evil, sucking thoroughly.

  2. It won’t be Blade Runner until there’s constant rain and we carry around umbrellas with fluorescent tubes.

  3. Where is the outrage at this totally tasteless overlit shit hole?

    A few weeks ago I began to wonder why there seemed to be some kind of extravaganza worthy of a million spotlights EVERY night. I went to investigate their source and saw one of the ugliest things I have seen in a long time: LA Live. I hadn’t been in the immediate area in a long time so its existence was a total surprise to me. Maaaaan what a shit hole.

    I associate Nokia with tasteful, easy-to-use phones … and they betray me with this fucking eyesore? The design of the place made me feel like I was transported to the future – a future filled with total fucking assholes.

    When are those goddamned lights going to stop? Will someone out there please create a giant sinkhole under this place?

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