Say It’s So, Joe

Attention fat lady: The 2007 Major League Baseball season is over.

The Red Sox are champions. The Rockies are respected. The Giants and Yankees are hated more than ever.

What now?

Should we talk about the improvements to Dodger Stadium? The possibility of next year’s game at the Coliseum? The celebration of the team’s 50 years in Los Angeles? The dream of a Dodger subway line?

Maybe we should be talking about Joe Torre, the new manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He isn’t, yet. But, he should be. The ball is in McCourt’s court. If he wants to start winning, that is.

4 thoughts on “Say It’s So, Joe”

  1. Or Don Mattingly. Or Tony Pena. Or really just about anyone other than that damn fool who’s been promised that he gets to keep his job.

  2. Wish I had a link, but there was an article referencing Grady Little and how essentially, he did what was asked of him in regards to starting the kids more ie: Matt Kemp, Loney, etc. over the vets ie: Luis Gonzales.

    Not sure how machavellian McCourt or Ned Colleti is but man, how do you fire someone who does what you ask them to?

    Torre or Valentine would be nice.

  3. Should have been starting the kids far more than that. And where he totally failed was in not being able to control his own players. Successful teams can balance young colts and old ponies. If Grady can’t he doesn’t deserve the job.

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