Free Tacos Tomorrow!

That’s right America (or specifically Los Angeles), I guess some sports dude stole a touchdown or something in World Series or Super Bowl or whatever the hell people keep filling up my twitter feed talking about and because of that Taco Bell has decided to give the whole country free tacos. And by whole country I mean whoever has the time to wait in what will certainly be a stupidly long line at every Taco Bell tomorrow between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. Crunchy beef tacos only so if you want something else you are totally screwed and have to fork out the $0.59 they usually cost. If you aren’t so strapped that you can afford your own $0.59 taco and just want to make a run for the border I suggest not going tomorrow between 2pm and 5pm because I’m guessing the rocket scientists who came up with this plan didn’t account for you and there won’t be a “gimmie the free stuff” line and a “I have a few quarters that I found in the parking lot on the way in and want pay for my food” line but rather just the one with everyone jammed in. More info on this Baseball website. Thanks Michael Jordan or PelĂ© or which ever famous over paid sports dude that hooked this shit up for everyone. Go team!

7 thoughts on “Free Tacos Tomorrow!”

  1. $0.89?? WTF? What happened to the $0.59 value menu? So not only is money with Hockey Players on it worth more than ours now, a Taco at Taco Bell now costs almost a buck? Just great.

  2. I don’t want to blame it all on 9/11 but….
    Anyway, why is the crunchy beefy taco stuffer the only free one? Is it the cheapest on the menu?

  3. Tacos at a taco truck are only a few cents more and much tastier. But there is something about reheated ground beef and perfectly formed taco shells that turns me on.

  4. They should call it free diarrhea day instead. Free taco day is false advertising. A Taco Bell taco is to a taco as a twizzler is to a sprinkle.

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