Getting Into The Spirit: Tales From The Crypt

Yesterday was Hollywood Forever’s 8th annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration, an event my wife have been making ourselves up like calaveras and visiting the past several years. This was our first time getting there before nightfall, and while it was a little odd to be seen in broad daylight made-up like the dead, the increased illumination certainly enabled us to better experience some of the awesome altars exhibited.

Flickr photoset here.

As a last stop, we walked through the cemetery’s Cathedral Mausoleum, where in the main hall we enjoyed the juxtaposition of the dour statues of the apostles against the eclectic and vibrant “Noche De Catrinas” on exhibit between them. On our way through I stopped at the entrance to one of the darkened corridors near where officially unsolved murder victim William Desmond Taylor is interred. Practically devoid of light you can see in my first shot below — a 10-second exposure taken from the right side of the entry — it was also empty of living souls.

But my second shot (after the jump), taken just a few seconds later at the left side when a rush of cold air first swirled outward past me then reversed course and came back into the corridor sent chills racing down my spine, made me gasp when instead of the empty corridor the image on my camera’s display showed me something else entirely.

Some active apparitions perhaps or just my imagination?

I didn’t hang around to figure it out.

4 thoughts on “Getting Into The Spirit: Tales From The Crypt”

  1. Well Julia, if it wasn’t the ghost of Taylor, Peter Lorre’s remains are a bit further down the hall and let’s not forget Rudolph Valentino and Peter Finch reside nearby as well.

    Maybe all four came out to play?

  2. great photoset!!! (as always!)

    i was there for a while after the sunset…so cool to have such lively energy in that cemetary…

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