What is that smell in the air? Rain!

At first I smelled it. Something other than smoke. What was it? Rain! Glorious light rain passed through the area. A lot of rain it looks like in Ventura where we need to be by 4 for our youngests Basketball Tournament. Can make a mess of traffic but should help the fire fighters a lot.

Screenshot from the AccuWeather radar.

3 thoughts on “What is that smell in the air? Rain!”

  1. And you know what is great to do in the rain? Go see a movie. I keep seeing Master P on TV promoting a new film “Desert Bayou”. It looks really good and it just starting playing here at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood.

  2. You call that rain? The rain drops on the sidewalk had dried up by the time I stepped outside. LA people crack me up about the rain.

  3. yes…felix and sarcasm escapes you.
    As does email since you gave us a dummy address that was rejected.

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