The Great Pumpkin Real Estate Bubble

It’s coming. There’s no way to avoid it now. The market is going to crash at any moment. Surplus inventory. Above average median pricing. Buyer remorse.

Anarchy. Cats and dogs living together.

Last night, instead of buying from a church or a school, I invested in a lot near Riverside & Cahuenga in NoHo. I dropped $70 on 2 large pumpkins, 1 small pumpkin, and 2 carving kits.

$70. For pumpkins. That will last a few days.

Why carve the face when the damned thing is already laughing at me?

Photo of pumpkins. From an overpriced pumpkin patch. Somewhere in America.

5 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin Real Estate Bubble”

  1. Cheap pumpkins galore at both Trader Joe’s and Home Depot.

    No need to get reamed by the pumpkin salesmen!

  2. Actually, there’s supposedly a pumpkin shortage this year – something to do with part of the crop failing.

  3. Looking for a punkin’ patch this weekend, I stumbled upon Nancy’s Ranch (

    Get off the 5N at Magic Mtn Pkwy, make a right. It’s on your left, 1/2 mile down the road.

    For $40 I left with six awesome pumpkins. The variety is amazing, and Nancy knows her stuff. Apparently she sells xmas trees, too! Good times.

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