LA from the Air

Just thought I would take a small moment from your day and remind you that there are few things as sublime and beautiful as taking off in a plane, high above the city, and looking down. This morning I saw the sun rise over the undulating marine layer, with a wordless poetry that made me miss the city as soon as I had left it.

The only thing better is the view as you land. See you in a few days, LA. I’ll give your love to Texas.

13 thoughts on “LA from the Air”

  1. sheesh…you had to comment over no picture? MA must be bored or in need of something better torment.

  2. So would BusTard, who knows texas from more angles than Texas knows how to think. (If anyone can tell name four punk bands and one dead Jimi-Hendrix-influenced guitarist, as well as the place from and through which all of them and too many more lived and traveled round 1981, from Austin, then I will buy rounds for you all night, providing you can find me before I’m on the tiles!)
    In any case, Emily, others have wasted less space making the point.

  3. Jeez, guys. It never fails to surprise me what kinds of petty issues people will find to complain about in the comments. Lighten up already.

  4. The world is becoming very stepford wifey. I think it has to do with the George Bush regime, everyone is censoring themselves and the jokes on this post were in my opinion totally harmless.

    If I were Emily I would think it was funny that someone asked me about the picture. I’d be like, “Yeah I could have put a picture but you know I was drinking,” which is probably why she doesn’t have a picture, she has a drinking problem. You know digital photography while drinking airplane cocktails is a dangerous thing.

    Of course BusTard is my friend, so that may call into question my pain threshold in regards to pain and harmless.

    I hate the flame wars that do erupt over nonsense, but harmless ribbing? Have we all really become that delicate. Maybe we have.
    Maybe we do need to be protected from ourselves.


  5. Yeah, I could have put a picture… but you know I was have been drinking.

    (Actually, the pictures I attempted were useless…. lacked sufficient detail… and besides a pic of a sunset NEVER looks like the actual thing…. Will was closer to the mark, i was hoping our dear readers would escape into their imaginations and picture the sunset for themselves. c’mon folks, use that mental creativity! :)

  6. Personally, Browne, I don’t find calling other people’s creative efforts “useless” and a waste of space to be very funny. Call them harmless jokes or ribbing if you like, but I prefer to pick my words more carefully.

  7. 5000,

    I understand what you’re saying if I were a mom and my 10 year old kid wrote something for the school paper and someone was mean I’d be pretty mad, but as a writer and artist who is an adult I just feel a comment about the work is fine.

    Lots of comments cross the line, I just don’t think any of the above did.

    If you’re making personal comments about personal things then that is crossing the line. Yes people are a bit much in regards to being extra creative when they are being negative, but this isn’t a social service agency. This is a blog that makes a nice amount of cash. Minimum cost for an ad on this blog is 2000 dollars. The money you make you deserve it, because you guys do an awesome job.

    That being said why should we treat the writers of this blog as anything less than professionals? People bust professionals people’s b*lls all the time. Most people only whine about things that they respect, if they didn’t respect you they wouldn’t even bother making a comment.

    Should people not write letters to the editor at their local paper complaining about coverage or how a story was handled? Should reporters not ask the president hard questions? Should we always keep everything polite, because it might hurt someone’s feelings?

    What kind of slippery slope are we getting on when we can’t even say on a corporate blog, “I don’t like this story.” Not I don’t like Emily, not I hate this ethnic group, not explicit sex talk, not gratuitous cursing, but I don’t like this story, because it doesn’t have pictures.

    I view the electronic media as the new form of media and I would just hope the proprietors of these various blogs understand that this is viewed as journalism by lots of people, especially the people who don’t remember the LA Reader or New Times or when people used to make zines on photocopy machines.

    If we start our young people (who often use this as their only form of getting news) in the habit of not questioning of not complaining, what kind of country will we have? It will be polite, but will it be better.

    Idiocracy the movie seemed so far fetch at the time, but not so much now.

    I know this is such a minor issue, but big issues start out little and I think the blogosphere is at a real crossroads.

    If bloggers don’t want to be viewed as journalist (don’t want to be questioned, don’t want to give full disclosure, don’t want to source, don’t want to be asked why the wrote a story) then bloggers aren’t entitled to the rights of journalists, so I guess the question is what is this blog editorial media or pr.

    This blog is way too big to not be asking itself that question, of course that’s my opinion.

    I have respect for this blog and I thought it was editorial. I think alot of people view this as an editorial blog, which is why you get the readership that you do, which is a bit more “professional” than some of the other blogs, but I could be completely off base.


    PS sorry Emily for using your post as a 1st amendment exercise, but I have a bit of free time this weekend.

  8. First of all, all of this stuff…

    This is a blog that makes a nice amount of cash.

    is a huuuuuuuggggggeeeeeeeee, ridiculous assumption on your part and has jack shit to do with what we’re talking about. Regardless of how the Metroblogging network is run or what’s charged for ad space, every writer here is a volunteer that contributes to the blog in their spare time, and none of them are making a penny for it. I am never, ever going to tell you that I think it’s okay for you to tell them that any of that hard work is a useless waste of space. But to even bring it up is a red herring. This is a debate about civility in discourse, not what constitutes professional standing.

    More importantly, nobody’s saying you can’t express your opinion about the content. Don’t forget, though, that the opportunity to opine doesn’t end with your critique. If the comments in question had, in fact, been “I don’t like this post because it doesn’t have a picture,” we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. In other words, if you don’t want somebody to call you a dick when you comment, then don’t be a dick in the first place. Not just here, either. If you’re writing letters to the editor, I’d hope they contain more constructive feedback than “X article was useless.”

  9. Ok 5000. I admire your hippie ideals. Now I’m going to ask you to do something, try to buy an ad on this site, after doing that count the ads on the front page, count the ads in between the posts, count the ads on the sides…

    Tell me how much money do you think you’re looking at?

    I just want you to do this for yourself.

    I like this site, the reason I like this site is because it’s good content (mostly), stylishly presented and it’s not a ragtag operation. It’s a model that mainstream papers have copied, because it’s a model that works.

    I’m done on this thread, I need to work on my ragtag operation.


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