LA Boo stories….MHS part 2

mhsoil.jpg Monrovia High is reportedly haunted. I can’t find anyone to give me a first hand account. All I get is the same story. Spooky female ghost that appears at night only. Same ghost has reportedly emptied the contents of lockers over the years. Janitors claim to have felt the hand on a shoulder as they cleaned. Some reports they smelled alcohol in the area as well. (I wonder how much was consumed and this was just vivid imagination).

More on the haunting of MHS after the jump

My oldest has relayed the stories but can’t claim to have seen them. She’s a drama queen so if there was something she would have embellished it a bit. She shrugs her shoulders and moves on to other more pressing teen issues like why she can’t have texting.

My middle is a freshman there and his locker is on the second floor. He too has heard the stories. He will tell me that he has seen stars while at his locker then adds in the kicker “I have a bottom locker and the guy above always leaves his door open”. He cracks me up sometimes.

The stories abound on the web about our local hauntings. A fun resource I found came off of My UFO on their website listing out a variety of reported hauntings in the state HERE . Specifically talking about the MHS haunting is Strange USA’s web page HERE that addresses an effort to document the alleged haunting. It gave no results.

The funniest site I found was “Ghosts of America” that on its Monrovia page notes it won the “2005 Second Worst Site of the Year Award”. Its page HERE reads like a bunch of sugar amped teens at an all night sleep over cooked up the hauntings. Funny, yes. Informative, nope.

Tell me your favorite school haunting. If I can get to it by Halloween I’ll research and write it up. I have a few others that interest me like the haunted picnic table in Griffith Park and the Ghost at Glendale’s Brand Library. Need to get it done while the moon is full and the spooks are about.

MHS pic by me, ‘shopped for kicks and giggles. Done with the trusty Che-ez.