Is This Normal? (Advertising Question)


Would you get Bar or Bat Mitzvah help from a flyer on a telephone pole? (Click photo for all the details.) This was posted diagonally across an intersection from a temple in West LA.

Full disclosure: I’m not Jewish.

4 thoughts on “Is This Normal? (Advertising Question)”

  1. Bah!

    What’s the use of posting information on Torah Scroll rental if your gonna blur out the phone numbers? What about all of those interested in having a Torah Scroll, but not willing to fully invest in one?

    The search continues, I guess…

  2. Well, I suppose for people who don’t belong to a synagogue it’s a good service to offer. Slightly odd marketing strategy though.

  3. DB cracks me up, of course they do bris training that way why do you think we have so many schmucks in the street.

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