8 thoughts on “Greatest zombie movie ever made?”

  1. “Shawn of The Dead” is a damn good parody of a George Romero satire. I only hope that the monodrone of John Waters–who was there last weekend–does not waft ghostly through what is easily the worst-sounding cinema since before the Hollywood Bowl was granted balls by Wright.

  2. Never heard of “Zombie 2,” but I will be seeking it out to see which one wins between Shark and Zombie.

    Lemme reciprocate: In case you are not familiar with it, “Street Trash” is a great film, kinda like “Return of the Living Dead” but with a Cobra-like malt liquor called “Viper” in place of zombies. Both were party favourites for when the punk bands that defined the 1980s (at least for myself and a few others that are not dead) were too fucked up to wreck whatever house we happened to be in.

    Cheers, Mark.

  3. Let’s hear it for the “rom zom com.” Best zombie play ever? Zombie Attack by Justin Tanner, a big hit in the late 1980’s—a screaming howlfest of hilarity.

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