Big Flag On The 10


If you take the 10 to Santa Monica, you know there is a large flag always flying right before the Cloverfield exit. Sometimes it’s Old Glory, usually it is the MIA/POW Flag, always the flag is L A R G E. I hadn’t been that way in a few weeks and today I saw this flag flying there. I have no idea what it means.

Do you know?

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  1. havn’t seen that in years — my elementary school flew the ecology flag beneath the america flag.

  2. Dude, you are TOO YOUNG.

    That ugly thing made its debut when I was a tyke (in the dark ages).

    And a fat lot of good it’s done too.

  3. I’m with Ruth666 on that one. I disagree with the “fat lot of good” as we’ve made some progress. Not as much as anyone would like or we need, but at least some.

    The smoke the last few days reminded me of the numerous stage1 alerts when I first moved here. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a stage one or that my eyes and throat stung for this long due to bad air.

    It has been a long, long time since I saw that one flying.

  4. At least it was visible, I can remember billboards a block away on sunset were hard to read or see at that distance. Some progress, just not enough.

  5. As to why this flies here, the Eco Flag, its predecessors the U.S. Flag, and The P.O.W. Flag are all put up by the city of Santa Monica. Their radio communications tower / flag pole is located in the ecologically sensitive area known as their Sanitation Department.

  6. I grow up in Santa Monica, in the 1970’s (Ex hippies selling pot and speed under the pier, kids with paper routs and spending cash to buy the pot and speed and all the candy (and sometimes beer if the right guy was working) they wanted from the local market and none of this over scheduling, over supervised your kids like we have today, clueless parents with no idea what kind of trouble their kids could get into. Man it was a great place and time to grow up) I remember lots of controversy regarding that flag pole and the size of the flags flown on it and the type of flags (back then the City was made up of mostly hippies, Europe immigrant families, Mexican/ Mexican American families some who had been there for many generations and black families who had been their for some two or three generations). If I remember right, the biggest fuss was when the green environment flag went up, people acted like the City was being turned over to the commies

  7. “people acted like the City was being turned over to the commies”

    Well, it is the “People’s Republic”…

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