The Scoops Scoop! Updated With Halloween Flavors!’s no shortage of Scoops love on, and if you’ve been there, you know why. Proprietor Tai Kim not only whips up some of the most imaginative and delicious ice cream treats I’ve ever tasted, but he changes them on an almost daily basis. The Scoops Scoop is going to be another one of my irregular columns, and will keep all of you ice cream enthusiasts up to date on Mr. Kim’s latest concoctions.

Keep reading to learn more about the ice cream-making process… (Update: Just added – this weekend’s Halloween holiday flavors!)

Keeping up with all these different flavors can be tough, but it’s exciting to come back to Scoops every few days to see what’s new. There’s a suggestion board near the front door for customers to, well, make suggestions, and it’s that kind of openness to new ideas that keeps the flavors interesting (like “mint nicotine”).

“During the week, the flavors aren’t too crazy. I try to save the crazy stuff for the weekend,” Tai tells me as he passes me a sample of Vegan Pistachio Lemon. (Edit: I forgot to mention that it was fantastic.)

It takes Mr. Kim about four or five days to create each ice cream, and that includes gathering the raw ingredients and blending, pureeing, soaking, and mixing everything right there at the shop. “Sometimes I just use whatever is available,” he remarks.

Scoops-lovers don’t just make suggestions, they sometimes bring new and exotic foods for Tai to sample as potential flavors. He shows me a paper bag filled with hard black bricks of sugar-coated coffee beans one customer brought back from Indonesia. He’s going to grind them up later in the week.

“One customer brought some Absinthe from the Czech Republic, and I made a sorbet out of that. It was pretty good,” he recalls.

Of course, when one opens oneself up to suggestions, the responses can be pretty intriguing. What does Mr. Kim think about a chicken and waffles ice cream flavor (an actual suggestion from the board)?

“I can do the waffles,” he replies. “But not the chicken. I don’t think a lot of people would want chicken-flavored ice cream anyway.”


My super ice-cream spies just reported back from the field. It seems that Mr. Kim is preparing a spooky spectacular of sweet and savory scoops, Halloween-style!

Pumpkin Cheese Cake
Pistachio and Gummy Worms
Vampire Blood Sorbet
White Chocolate, Salt and Raspberry Swirl
Black Halloween

Scoops is located here:

712 N Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649
Mon-Sat 12pm-10pm

9 thoughts on “The Scoops Scoop! Updated With Halloween Flavors!”

  1. I’ll be there for the chicken and waffles – and while I agree that noboby wants chicken ice cream, I think it would be great if he ditched the chicken but used the crusty fried bits in the ice cream along with the waffles.

    What we REALLY need is for someone to set up Scoops blog so I can get the daily flavors via RSS feed –


  2. I keep wanting to suggest “Chocolate Starfish,” but the board’s always full.

    I like my local Scoops better.


  3. I got one one girl in town believing that I call Tai Kim almost every morning to check in with the new flavors. Of course when she questions what they are, you have to be fast on your feet. Spaghetti & pineapple anyone???

  4. when i was there last saturday, the guy working behind the counter – not tai – was kind enough to answer the question ‘got any good stuff hiding in the back?’ by breaking out a tasting spoon or two full of hemp oil flavored ice cream from a hidden freezer.


    i’ve never tasted anything like it before.

  5. Note: Please do not call Tai to ask what flavors there are! If you want to know what flavors they have SHOW UP AND LOOK FOR YOURSELF!

    That way we can keep Tai off the phone and doing what’s really important: feeding us ice cream.


  6. haha, this is all hilarious. btw, that hemp ice cream was…not my favorite, but it was definitely interesting. I proposed making a scoops blog with tai a long time ago that would update the flavors but he’d rather have people come in and discover the daily selection themselves.

  7. i swear i put up chicken and waffles before…but that looks like someone else’s handwriting. i’d say make a chicken stock ice cream with chunks of frozen waffle topped with maple syrup. I told that to Tai, but he usually doesn’t go about making the weird flavors I suggest (I proposed a demi-glace ice cream, he’s definitely considered it)

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