Just a little visual amuse bouche

deafpride.jpg It caught my eye in traffic and he happened to park next to me at Pavilions this afternoon. Everyone has a group, wonder which pride group I should pick? You tell me.

5 thoughts on “Just a little visual amuse bouche”

  1. I prefer my rear car window to be dedicated “in loving memory” of someone I’ve lost. Because I’m classy like that.

  2. How nice that the Deaf Pride group paired up w/the typographically challenged to create their sticker; unless they intentionally mean it to read, “Deaf P ride”.
    Is that some kind of gangsta/rap reference?

  3. There’s absolutely a kerning issue here (look it up).

    If they’re going for Kristen’s gangsta meaning it should be DEF P RYDE.

    And am I the only one who thinks deaf people should maybe not drive – what with the not being able to hear horns and sirens and all?

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