Coffee and Free Wifi Westside

I met a friend for coffee today to talk about blogging, of all things. We needed a place with A) good coffee, B) free wifi, C) indoors with AC and D) on the Westside. My friend suggested Venice Grind and all our criteria were met. The lattes we had were most delicious. We were too busy to partake in pastries, but I will go back and try them. They also serve quiche and cereals and other packaged goodies. The space is bright and cheerful with a few local artist’s work along the walls, which I assume changes from time to time. There is a large patio behind the building as well, though today was no day for sitting outside. Their theme is kinda “surf and skate” and probably influenced by Rocker Board Shop two doors down.

The wifi was free, as promised and strong, like good coffee. Check them out.

Venice Grind
12224 Venice Blvd.
Mar Vista, CA 90066
Venice Grind
Mon-Fri 6:00am-10:00pm
Sat 7:00am-10:00pm

Another photo of how to spot them after the jump.


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  1. Cool place. The problem with laptops is they are neither a friend of coffee nor pastry crumbs.

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