Be on TV with Wil (via twitter)


Our own Wil Wheaton (with whom I swear I am not obsessed) just booked a guest spot on Numb3rs. He wrote an awesome post yesterday about the audition, and now he is using Twitter to post updates about his first day on set. I love stuff like this – I really feel like I am there. It took me a while to warm up to Twitter but I am really loving the real-time aspect for things like this.

One thought on “Be on TV with Wil (via twitter)”

  1. I did two scenes, and I rocked them both. It was fun, I was relaxed, I wore this character like he was a skin suit and I was Buffalo Bill (for the record, yes, I would fuck me…

    I must say that he really does have a flair for writing…LOL

    Never watched the show but I’ve always liked Rob Morrow since his Northern Exposure days.

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