And this is why there are traffic laws

Two people died in Malibu today, and a firefighter broke his ankle. Kanan Dume Road was temporarily closed as was a piece of PCH.


Nope. A truck driver going 70 on Kanan Dume Road, which is closed to trucks, went right through the red at PCH collided with a car and killed the driver instantly, hit a firefighter’s car, breaking the firefighter’s ankle and trapping him in the vehicle (someone else on the scene pulled him out before the vehicle burst into flames). The truck then crashed, killing the driver and starting a brush fire (sigh), which was subsequently extinguished. (Details at KTLA, link courtesy Here in Malibu.)

So here’s my PSA folks: Don’t be a dick. Even if you’re normally a complete wanker, try to keep it in check until we are not in a state of emergency anymore. Jesus. People never cease to amaze me. (I would have posted a picture, but when you search for “selfish prick” in Flickr Creative Commons, nothing comes up. Alas.)

6 thoughts on “And this is why there are traffic laws”

  1. I am amazed at how shitty truck drivers are out here. Driving in the fast lane, reckless, esp with ladders and shit. I always honk at Trucks in the left fast lanes.

    Some truck was tail gaiting my ass on the 101, bastard was lucky there was no phone # on the truck to call.

  2. Strange thing is there is a huge gravel runaway vehicle area just before PCH, with signs starting a mile or more back. I guess if he missed the no trucks sign he must have not seen that either.

  3. Well my theory is that the bigger the truck they are over compensating for what they lack in other areas, including brains. The sad thing is that the size of their asshole and ego rises with the size of the truck. Total no win situation.

  4. Certainly I’m not trying to excuse the trucker from responsibility, but could it be that Kanan Dume road was open as a detour route because Malibu Canyon is closed?

  5. It’s true that Malibu Canyon was closed, but truck traffic is still forbidden on Kanan Dume (though many truckers, like this one, seem to be using it illegally.)

    More to the point, there’s an extensive system of gravel-filled traps and sand-filled crash barrels at the base of Kanan Dume, designed specifically to stop runaway trucks, with extensive signage indicating its purpose.

    The trucker in this accident didn’t use the runaway truck lane at all. Did he just panic, or did he not have enough English to read the signs?

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