Why Is This Billboard Still Up


Seriously. Why is there a billboard for Black Snake Moan at W 3rd and Laurel, in the Beverly Hills/WeHo border zone? There is one of them fancy schmancy new screen billboards – the ones that change ads – a few blocks west. There are brand new billboards for Vans and for Samantha Who in the immediate vicinity. Thousands of relatively well-to-do people pass this space every day on their way to work – including me. Which is why I have expected, every day since this movie left theaters, to see the billboard taken down. Poor forgotten, faded billboard. Maybe someone will see this and give you a shiny new mainstream movie to advertise.

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  1. It depends on who owns it and whether or not they were able to rent the real estate or are holding it for a campaign internal to the media conglom.. Or maybe they were close enough to the DVD release that they held it over. Psych, just kidding; looks like it’s simply a lack of renting: I just noticed this one says Clear Channel, which doesn’t surprise me as they seem to own nearly every billboard in the city.
    Studio parent companies own outdoor advert. real estate as well. I’m not sure if they vertically integrate that along with everything else, but would assume they do as well as rent when they don’t have their own product to shove in our faces.

  2. anything christina ricci related should remain forever. i’m saddened there aren’t more of these around.

  3. Can someone explain to me why this building owner is allowed to have a billboard on his/her roof? (and please save the “it’s a free country” comments)… can just ANYONE put up a billboard on their property? I assume there is a permit involved and if so, how can a neighborhood fight a billboard permits renewal?

    Helpful comments appreciated. Eagle Rock is over run with this crappy things and it would be great to make them go away one by one…

  4. There is probably a good reason this copy/advertiser has not been changed. I assume it has something to do with a pending renewal lease or an expired lease between the landowner and Clear Channel. Read on to better understand bloggers…..
    1. It could be an expired billboard lease that is the renewal stages, thus Clear Channel does not have access to change the copy/advertiser on the unit, until both parties have agreed on and have signed the lease renewal.
    2. Again, this may be an expired billboard lease, in which the property owner decided against renewal with Clear Channel. If that’s the case then the property owner now owns the billboard and probably doesn’t know what to do with it. It would cost the landowner a significant amount of money to remove the unit, so he/she may just be letting it sit with old copy until someone complains.

    The scenarios are endless. I do agree this unit is in a high-profile/high-demand area, so having an old advertiser displayed on the unit is definitely out of the ordinary for Clear Channel. Clear Channel is in the business of making money, so I highly doubt they are keeping this old copy up for no reason at all.

  5. This location is currently out-of-service. The structure is unsafe for the billposters to access and copy will be changed when the structure is updated.

  6. Jill shut it. Why don’t you go back to work and stop worrying about why there is an ad for the best motion picture movie of the year (2006) still up. I am glad the ad is still up! Name another movie from 2006 that has an African American gentlemen and a white middle aged woman involved in some crazy hijinks! White Chicks doesn’t count!

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