Shipwreck in Monrovia?

shiplead.jpgThis would have been an ICME but I had to go back and get details. This morning traffic on Foothill blew worse than usual so I opted to use Hillcrest to avoid it on the trip home. I am glad I did as I stumbled across this beauty in the 900 block of West Hillcrest.

Cool stuff maynard, pirate ship details and more pics after the jump.



The homeowner was out when I stopped by this afternoon. I found it this is a project of her son and a few of his friends. It’s a 40 foot long, 15 foot tall pirate ship. When complete it will have cannons and 2 tall masts along with the requisite sound effects and lighting. How cool is that?

I had to ask if they had entered it in the city decorating contest. They hadn’t and they have done BIG things every year for the fun of it to entertain the local kids not get an prizes or contest winning. I did ask what the city thought of it and she let me know that busy body neighbors complained it was a permanent structure so the the building department paid them a visit. Since it was temporary no permits were needed. The did inspect and verified it is safely constructed and can be dismantled with no safety problems. How cool is the Mom or what!?

Pics by me with the trusty che-ez. I’ll be back this weekend with a camera and tripod to catch it in all its glory when lit.

3 thoughts on “Shipwreck in Monrovia?”

  1. Yeah know Frazgo…I have had this theory for a a while now that you must have a notebook computer surgically implanted on your lap or something. But all is forgiven now Baby!!!!

    Ever since that cool scene in “Ghost Dog” where Isaach De Bankole’s character Raymond shows Forest Whitaker’s Ghost Dog a boat perched upon his neighbor’s roof (still in the construction phase) I have always wanted to buld a fake land locked boat. Maybe the end of Garden State had something to do with it as well. Who knows?

    I’ve also seen some great photos of this type of thing at Burning Man.

    Thanks for driving down that street Fraz. Thanks for posting these pix. I’m gonna keep the dream alive.

    Ok, carry on. I’ll check in with you on the web in five minutes….

  2. Nah…I just sit and while the printer prints my real work I bang these out and schedule them. I grab shots as a run around so its just a matter of cataloging them. Workaholic I guess.

  3. If you want to swing by on Sunday I should have masts sails cannons and the plank up. Thanks for the intrest. Captain Spaulding.

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