Scenes from a Greek Restaurant

This is one of those little easter eggs of L.A. dining that you’d never find unless you completely stumbled upon it, which is what we did.

Some friends recommended we check out Papa Cristo’s Greek Restaurant at Pico and Normandie – which for me meant spectacularly good marinated lamb chops and the freshest, smoothest baklava I’ve ever eaten.
On your way from the parking lot to the restaurant, you have to walk through a large kitchen-service room, so the management brightened it up by painting a mural on the huge meat locker, emblazoned with happy chefs turning out roast chicken, falafel and gyros.

Three more words: live bouzouki music. Yum.

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  1. Definitely a stop on our GREAT LOS ANGELES WALK — we’re hiking Pico on Nov. 17. Everyone, be there! More details at

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