Robots and 5th graders can it get better?


Today I got a real treat. I was invited as a parent of a GATE student to sit on their first ever ROBOTICS MODULE.

The Robotics Module is new to the MUSD Gate program at Wild Rose Elementary where my youngest Joey, attends. With Robotics coming as the big thing MUSD has jumped in and finding ways to exposed the elementary kids with their first exposure. The module is taught by Dr. Kenneth Berry PhD from Cal State Northridge. Prior to teaching at Cal State Northridge he worked at JPL in Pasadena. Pretty cool…they get a robotics scientist to teach them.

Pic is of my Joey and his friends Christian and D’Morea. More after the jump on todays Robotics lesson.


Watching a bunch of 4th and 5th graders debate what robots should do or don’t do was too funny. To get them back on track Dr. Berry had to give them a quick lesson on Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics, the first of which that supersedes all others is Robots never harm a human.

Once they got those basics down it was time to pass out the basic Lego kit that included the little things needed to start their first robot. The excitement mounted as they identified their pieces. Once they opened their catalog, identified the main parts it was time to attach the main parts bin for the little bits they needed to start their first robot. Ever seen 27 kids attack a large tub of Lego parts?


After that it was time to start building their first robot.

Of course there is never enough time in a class session but they did at least get their first robot started. Their next session will see them complete that first robot. Buy the end of their session in January they will have built a robot that can be programmed to complete a maze. That is going to be something to see.

These kids were so excited that they all want to be on teams to participate at a Robotics Tournament in Glendale in March. If enthusiasm counts for anything they may just make it.

I’ll drop some updates as time goes by. Pics by me and just sized down to fit. Not all get bigger, so click away until you find the one that does.