Monrovia Halloween Decorating Winners


Its official, this home located at the corner of Shamrock and Ocean View (which is totally misnamed as you see the mountains not the sea from there) is the winner of Monrovia’s Halloween Decorating Contest. This home won the “Best of Halloween” award and has a sign out front proudly announcing the win.

More pics and a list of other winners after the jump.

Wish I could add a soundtrack to liven things up a bit but so far we haven’t been able to do that here. Imagine “Monster Mash” playing in the background as you look at this page….



The full list of winners and important info like where to find them and their winning category.
FALL FESTIVAL AWARD 233 East Walnut Ave, Apt. A
CREEP SHOW AWARD 822 Bonita Street
TOMBSTONE AWARD 180 Melrose Avenue
CASPER AWARD 401 West Colorado Boulevard
MOST SPOOKY 734 East Foothill Boulevard
MOST CREATIVE 312 West Lemon Avenue
THEME AWARD 236 West Walnut Avenue
GREAT PUMPKIN AWARD 244 North Ivy Avenue
BEST OF HALLOWEEN 706 Ocean View Avenue


Pretty cool that we have such quaint small town activities in the middle of LA. Come enjoy and of course get a cupcake from Sierra Cup while you are in town!

Pics by me. Up to you to figure out which get bigger and which doesn’t. Map get’s bigger done with the help of google.