MMMMmmm MeltDown!

Get Your Grilled Cheese On!

In Culver City is a quick-service restaurant called MeltDown etc.. They make grilled cheese sandwiches, really good grilled cheese sandwiches. Do I need to say much more? Okay okay they also make delicious soups and side salads and slaws. I’ve been twice and have to admit I’ve had the Turkey Melt both times. Juicy turkey meat, melted brie, arugula and cranberry-horseradish mustard on walnut bread. I hope Ryan (the young, genial owner) starts selling the cranberry-horseradish mustard in a jar because I would give it as gifts this Christmas! (Sorry — Holiday Season.)

While my husband and I were there, we had a celebrity sighting — Weird Al Yankovic! We made a great comment/joke in there (to ourselves) about Weird Al and Cheese, but I’m too full of turkey/brie goodness to remember what it was. Dang it!

MeltDown, etc
310-838-MELT (6358)
9739 Culver Blvd.
Monday – Saturday from 11am to 3pm
They are now open on Saturdays!! Hooray!
Vote for MeltDown on MyFOX Los Angeles – 2007 HOT LIST.

Follow me after the jump for some grilled cheese porn.

Click for bigger, cheesier, gooier goodness.

The Three Cheese with Ham:

The Turkey MeltDown:

Cheese good.

8 thoughts on “MMMMmmm MeltDown!”

  1. It all sounds good but am a purest when it comes to my grilled cheese….velveeta and wonderbread, grilled in butter only. ONLY. My Mom made for me that way when I was little, my kids only get it that way too.

  2. Oh! I went here for lunch last week and had the “LA Chick”- big pieces of roasted chicken on wheat with goat cheese. Definitely not for the purist, but delicious nonetheless!

  3. I concur, Lucinda. I find myself having grilled cheese cravings around 2:45 from time to time and alas and alack, they would be closed by the time I go there. But the “open on Saturdays” is a big step in the right direction!

  4. Sigh. We recently moved from Los Angeles to a little out-of-the way town in Washington. Frazgo, it sounds like your heaven here because the ONLY grilled cheese in restaurants in this neck of the woods is velveeta and wonderbread. It is NOT my heaven. I miss the many grilled cheese options I had in my beloved Los Angeles. Also, funny thing: because of his dark, curly hair, and because Weird Al played here shortly after we relocated, the locals at our town tavern think my husband is Weird Al.

  5. They only need to be open 18 hours a week cuz it’s ten bucks for 3 cheeses and bacon on bread.

    It’s good though. I’ll go back.

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