Family! The best store in LA. CineFamily! (I know you like movies!)

Have you been to Family yet? I think it’s my favorite store in Los Angeles. I was there last night for a party and it was so hard not to walk out of there with armloads of great books and art. And music. And maybe a few comics. My only real complaint (besides that if I go there I feel compelled to buy awesome stuff) is that they only have the worst translation of my favorite book! The photo is from last night as the Zune Insider shows off his jams in front of the store. Family is over on Fairfax, South of Melrose, just a few steps down from the Turntable lab.

AAAND if you think movies are awesome (shut up! I know you do!) you NEED to check out CineFamily a new venture from the folks at Family and the folks at Cinefile. More info after the jump.

The CineFamily is an organization of movie lovers, devoted to finding and presenting interesting and unusual programs of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful films. Our home is the Silent Movie Theatre, down the street from Family. Opening this Thursday, October 25th, The Cinefamily kicks off with a special week long Halloween festival.

Program info at the Silent Movie Theatre.

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