A Modest Proposal

1773006_attach.jpgIt’s been suggested by many people not in CA that we should have had some kind of an evacuation plan in place and been more prepared for all this fiery chaos. These are good points and ones we should take to heart. In light of these suggestions my friend Maxx has put together this evacuation proposal. Comments and suggested improvements are of course are welcome. [click plan to embigginify]

7 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal”

  1. Might be a good time to get that high speed train up and running.

    We all know our freeways can’t handle the millions of cars of any mass exodus. That’s the true disaster waiting to happen.

  2. I’m heading for the Mojave with a crowbar so I can knock out the guard at Burt Rutan’s place and take off in Spaceship One. Between global warming, the current presidential administration and brush fires, this rock just ain’t safe any longer.

  3. When folks in other states knock us for our “California-ness”, I just always offer to stop feeding them, making their movies, paying for their federal services and being the gateway damn near every product they buy, etc…

  4. Dear Sir:

    I have yet to understand what any of this post titled “A Modest Proposal” has anything to do with over-population, eating unwanted babies or the violent restriction of bits of an unwanted northern republic owing to its southern master being in the throes of its own setting sun.

    Yours Truly,
    Vicar of Scotch as well any unwanted young daughters

    Post Script: This has naught to do with any smoke inhalation that my self may have incurred this and/or yesterday.

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