I wonder how they’re doing today.

The man who was washing the soot from his face and glasses in the restroom.

The Los Angeles County Sheriffs, grabbing a quick Double-Double before heading back up there.

The couple in line, waiting to order a meal they would never remember. They looked tired. And scared. Like they the left the house in whatever they wear wearing. She said she had all the house papers, and that she was glad she at least got those in time. They ate their food at a corner table, staring into space.

I just happened to be coming home last night by way of Santa Clarita, and In-N-Out sounded like a good idea.

I wonder how they’re doing today.

4 thoughts on “Wondering”

  1. Well said.

    If you don’t live in fire territory, it pays to remember that people just like you are losing everything they own – the places they live and sleep and carry on with lives just like yours, all their fiscal and emotional stability and in some cases their lives in these fires.

    Let’s hope the arson teams are getting a grip on any leads they’re getting, and that the leads are good.

    Firebugs need to be arrested, tried, convicted and hucked into the deepest, darkest hole available in San Quentin and left to rot.

  2. Why do these idiots start fires? Staying indoors, listening to Insane Clown Possee, and watching pro-wrestling not enough entertainment?

  3. AP…that’s what happens when Jerry Springer is pre-empted they suddenly have spare time on their hands.

    Kidding aside, Mack I agree with putting them down for good in a deep dark hole.

    Last nights OC fire came to within 1500 feet of my cousins house before it veered down towards Irvine. We now know it was an arson fire with 3 ignition points if the KNBC reports are correct. Bad enough one torch, but three to make sure it gets going is absolutely sadistic.

  4. Well said, Mack…

    We relocated to northeast Florida last week from LA and this has been very sad to watch. I remember what the air smelled like anywhere in LA during bad fires, and how the sky took on that garish brown smokey death hue.

    Giant kudos to all the firefighters and responders, and much love and good mojo to all others affected. I can’t imagine being in my home with my family one minute and knowing all the stuff and the house is gone the next.

    I believe I’ll go hug my family a bit tighter than usual.

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