Pssst… “The Mist” screening and Q&A with Frank Darabont tix on sale now! raise your hand if “Shawshank Redemption” is one of your top ten favorite films. Wow, all of you?

Director Frank Darabont’s third feature film, and third Stephen King adaptation (his last was “The Green Mile”), is “The Mist”, about a bunch of folks holed up in a small town grocery store as an ominous fog surrounds and kills them off. Certainly not as scary as a normal day dealing with the old people shopping at Trader Joes, but its based on one of King’s best novellas, and if that doesn’t sell you on it check out the trailer (after the jump).

Anyway, on MySpace yesterday, the American Cinemateque sorta slipped that they’ll be hosting an advance screening of “The Mist” followed by a Q&A with Darabont on Monday, November 19th at the Egyptian Theatre, two days before the film’s official release. Today, however, the listing is mysteriously gone… vanished… like a mist, you could say.

However, Fandango still has the film listed (click here, you may need to add your zip code to find it), for a 7:30 showing, for $10 a ticket.

Of course, maybe they pulled the listing for a reason, so, proceed at your own risk.

On a similar note, on Halloween night, the gates to Hollywood Forever Cemetery will open again for a special Cinespia screening of “The Shining”… details here.

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  1. I’ve always been puzzled by the popularity of Shawshank. I saw it in the theatre when it came out and enjoyed it well enough, but there are so many other movies that I’ve liked more, that I’m amazed that it’s always at or near the top of the imdb top 250.

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