Parking Tard — Trader Joe’s


Most Trader Joe’s are small and have small parking lots to go along with them. That makes this parking douche particularly annoying. Dude, it’s Sunday afternoon, a day when TJs is FULL. Move your ass over!

6 thoughts on “Parking Tard — Trader Joe’s”

  1. I don’t think these ‘tards care, because they don’t have to. There’s no compelling reason, like a parking citation, or swift kick in the ass, to park with a little more common sense/regard for other human beings.

    Alas, the parking ‘tards shall continue to do what they do best, and we shall continue to endlessly gripe about what stupid jerks they are. Didn’t Tim Rice and Elton John write a song about this?

    o/ And it mooooves us aaaalllll.... o/

  2. My favorite thing to do when I had a beater was to be an equal tard and park as close to the offending drivers door as humanly possible, therefore preventing them from getting in their car until I was done shopping.

    Didn’t care if I got keyed. Didn’t care if I got dinged. No passive aggressive here just being a total asshole worked for me.

  3. I walk to the asshole-laden Nature Mart on Hillhurst as well as the Trader Joe’s on Hyperion. (OK, so the above ain’t my words, but they are far nicer about what I think daily, especially when the idiots at Nature Mart’s idiot step-child, Bulk Bin, cannot operate the wheatgrass grinder. I would rather pay nearly four fucking dollars at Linda’s on St. Mark’s in Astor Place, knowing that two shots of the day’s only other sustenance than single-malt scotch, was always available!)
    Put those concrete-hardened calfs to work, my friend: give it a kick! (In New York, idiots such as this had half a chance before their license plates disappeared.) This fool has sun-bleached ragtop on a glorified go-cart that any two hippie health-nuts could easily lift and move elsewhere. (Not that I am advocating breaking the law, of course.)

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