No Sleep Till KXLU


Los Angeles. 1985. The Beasties boys on their first trip to LA touring with Madonna. I really hope you are having crazy nostalgia flashbacks right now because I definitely am. Glen E. Friedman just forwarded me the above photo (check out the Oki-Dog hat!) that he took as well as this podcast of a 1985 recording of Adam Bomb’s radio show on KXLU [part one | part two] which he just found online by accident. He was showing the B-Boys around LA while they were here on tour and he took them by the studio for this show. This shot is from the same day, just afterwards. A few more pics from the party mentioned on the show after the jump.

(All photos in this post are © Glen E. Friedman / – used with permission.)





10 thoughts on “No Sleep Till KXLU”

  1. Damn…shit like that makes me feel old. It’s been a fun ride so far. Great pic of Weird Al to toss in as well.

  2. thanks, dave. I do remember that show at the Bev Wilshire, with the Boys and Run-DMC and the girls in the cages ! they were a lot of fun.

  3. I lived a gnarley rumor that on that madonna tour ad rock not only made out with her but he also in the case of sean penn punched a photographer and cought a case over it!

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