16 thoughts on “Compassionate Conservatism”

  1. This statement is a living illustration of someone who hates America.

    If the height of reasoned political debate has become casually and callously wishing death and ruin on innocent people you disagree with, then perhaps it’s time for Beck and his kind to shut the fuck up and move to a radical-Islamist country in the Middle East. They’ll fit right in.

  2. Ya know its amazing how the extremes fight. Those of us in the middle that just want to get something done can’t as we’re dodging shit BOTH sides are flinging.

    We’re past “can’t we all just get along” to donning bullet proof vests waiting for someone to completely shoot themselves in the foot and capture the voters attention.

    Oy vey, 2008 is going to be a lively one. If I didn’t care so much I’d just crawl under a rock and wait for it all to be over.

  3. Unfortunately I do give a damn so I’ll be busy reading, tormenting and conducting general activism. Besides its harder to hit a moving target.

    Stan summed it up best:”I think voting is great,I just didn’t care this time as it was between a douche and a giant turd sandwhich”. Mr Garris replies:”Stan didn’t you know its always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Nearly every election since the beginning of time has been between some douch and some turd, they’re the only people who suck up enough to make it in politics”.

    I have the sound clip for anyone who wants it. A classic reminder why I can’t run for city clowncil.

  4. MoveOn gets crucified by the Right for asking if General Petraeus will tell the truth, but Limbaugh raises over $2,000,000 for calling anti-war soldiers “phony”. Now Beck gets to celebrate the fires for getting rid of America’s haters.

    I bet CNN gives him a raise.

  5. It’s really a stupid comment coming from a GOP conservative because Malibu is one of the most Republican areas in LA, especially the area around Pepperdine. He should get his facts straight before making such accusations.

  6. I hate to be the voice of reason, but he did what he get’s paid to do. Be an asshole stirring the pot and see what froths up. IF people would quit quoting him he’d more or less just go away.

    This tard needs to take lessons from Michael Moore who does the same thing, but has the sense to stir it, get the debate going and then walk away smirking.

    While he’s quiet smirking he gathers a few converts as they have a chance to reason through what he said and not be constantly stirred up.

    Stirring is great for ratings, letting it roll back to a simmer so a few can review what was said wins converts. Moore may be a fuck but he’s a wiser one as he knows timing and when to back off.

  7. Will….drive through UT sometime that’s the tamer of the crap you’ll hear. Most of whats on their will curl the short hairs tighter than you can imagine. Beck is a moderate compared to some of the stuff I stumbled upon while driving through there. IF it weren’t for the need for the odd traffic and weather report the cd player would be playing the entire time.

  8. Mike Davis’s polemics can be entertaining, but bear in mind he’s the same guy who claims that LA is secretly a Tornado Alley (see “Our Secret Kansas” in The Ecology of Fear), a fact concealed (from everyone including the locals, apparently) by a conspiracy of hometown journalists and civic boosters.

    That’s the wonderful thing about Malibu: it’s an equal-opportunity target for haters of every stripe.

  9. Wait a minute. Davis wrote about the geography of Malibu, it’s natural propensity for burning, and questioned if public funds should be used to rebuild on land that will burn again. That’s quite different than gloating “America haters” are being burned out.

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