Burning: Malibu & (n of) Porter Ranch

There are two big brush fires getting a lot of attention, Malibu is the one everyone is talking about
as it’s already burned 500+ acres including several homes, a church, and a castle? Keep an eye on Here in Malibu for on the spot updates. According to the most recent post there the Civic Center has been turned into a staging area and winds are gusting up to 108 MPH which I’m sure isn’t helping the situation at all. For even more info your instinct might be to check out the LAFD Twitter feed but that would be a mistake, as they just noted:

Twitter / LA Fire Department: REMINDER: This feed is for ...

Unfortunately LACFD doesn’t have Ron Myers & Brian Humphrey so updates directly from them come a little slower. Though the LAFD isn’t sitting around bored either – they have some trucks just north of Porter Ranch (which is technically LAC jurisdiction) and right now seemed to be contained after burning around 20 acres.

More in the Malibu fires when we get it.

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