It’s Going To Huff, and It’s Going To Puff

Are you ready for some 80 MPH winds tonight & tomorrow? According to CBS2 that’s exactly what is headed our way. And not just 80 MPH winds, hot & dry 80 MPH winds. Yes, the Santa Ana’s are back and in full force:

“The National Weather Service says wind gusts Sunday could be hurricane-force: 80 miles per hour. “It’s going to be pretty widespread, not just in the canyons or mountains,” said meteorologist Bonnie Bartling at the NWS Los Angeles office in Oxnard.

“The result of this weekend’s particular conditions will provide “one of the strongest wind events one could expect to see in any Santa Ana season,” a forecaster at the private Accuweather service said.”

So, yeah… kite flying anyone?

3 thoughts on “It’s Going To Huff, and It’s Going To Puff”

  1. Yet again I wish I’d chosen to be a weather forecaster – ZERO accountability!

    It may be a bit breezy today, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary –

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