Yesterday for my friend Stephen’s birthday he didn’t want presents, cake, or any kind of elaborate shindig. What he wanted to do to celebrate the anniversary of his arrival on earth was to go for a night bike ride, and so a bunch of us cyclists did just that. Gathering first at Scoops for some ice cream it was about a dozen of us who with bells tinkling and whistles blowing and tunes playing from the soundsystem buddy Al rigged up to his ride for the occasion ventured forth from the East Hollywood into downtown and then north across Chinatown past the closed gates at entrance off North Broadway up to the top of pitchity, pitch dark Elysian Park. A couple/three flat tires along the way did nothing to detract from the absolute easy going joymagic of the ride as it was a perfect night for one with the temps actually climbing as we did, and it was capped with some spectacular vistas, such as this one I captured with a 10-second snap from the overlook behind Dodger Stadium (click to triplify):

As a bonus coming back down on our way to Echo Park’s Gold Room bar for refreshments, we encountered a busy location shoot for the TV series “Bones.” As surprised to see them as they were to see a ragtag bunch of cyclists come out of nowhere (one lady asked “Aren’t you afraid of coyotes?” to which we answered “Nah, it’s the zombies you have to watch out for around here.”), we were then even more pleasantly surprised to find ourselves not ordered around but instead treated very cordially and respectfully and escorted across the cable-strewn set and on our way back to civilization. Ah the humanity!

5 thoughts on “Skylinez”

  1. You got to see them do a Bones shoot? Dang, that’s the only network show I watch and I missed it. Great shots.

  2. Great shot, Will.
    Is that from Echo Park, south of the lake at Alvarado/Sunset or therabouts?
    No matter; I am in envy at that brilliant picture.

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