SkyCrane Reseeding Griffith Park

For the past day or two, this huge Sikorsky SkyCrane has been swooping repeatedly over the burned-out ridges of Griffith Park. (Here’s video of what it looked like when that particular ridge burned back on May 8. )

This massive chopper is dropping thousands of pounds of lurid-green chemicals that I’m guessing contain fertilizer and maybe seeds. Anyone have more info?

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  1. Hydromulch is a mixture of seeds, newspaper pulp, and green dye to let the operators know where they’ve covered and so it looks a little grass-like instead of looking newspaper-pulp-colored. Very tame stuff that keeps everything moist and in place until it dissolves harmlessly.

  2. Thanks for verifying and sharing what is going on. I was near the park and drove through looking to see I could get a pic but by the time I got in they were gone.

  3. Those are some nice videos, Mack. (It sounds as if you are standing along the L.A. River, what with the background noise–and freeway hiss–and judging from the angle.)
    Living north of Los Feliz Blvd, the great bird pictured has awakened me twice over the week. For some reason, I stayed awake despite the blur of coffee and scotch, and went wandering well east of my own nest. One of the best views (and pardon my not taking a photo) can be had on Brand Blvd near Los Feliz Blvd or Chevy Chase. Look west, and wonder what is that unnatural green covering the southern face of the northern range of hills. Yesterday, shortly after noon, was a good time to view the strange gamut of green prompted by fire.
    Oh, and that green also helps fight the inevitable erosion, as it mats down the ground.

  4. We biked up to the Observatory on Wednesday afternoon; you can get a fine view of it from there and can even see them flying back up to the top of the hill to reload after each drop.

  5. Mack et al,

    The privately owned and operated multi-role helicopter now hydroseeding, is best identified as an Erickson Air-Crane.

    It is one of (at least) two in our region that will likely perform fire suppression in the weeks to come.

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  6. Oh, good, I’m glad someone knows what that is. I thought it might be something they said they might spray on to stop erosion…and it looks like a poisonous green! Glad to hear it’s seeds in disguise.

  7. Brian,

    Cheers for that great info about the strange green.

    Pardon me if I get a bit silly, but the term “hydroseeding” is something that I am confident that were PK Dick still alive, he would sue you for the use of that term in a manner that would wake George Orwell.

  8. They continue to drop disgusting puke green “hydro-mulch” onto Griffith Park. This means the morons who thought seeding and fertilizing was a good idea to prevent erosion won. The scientists who said to leave it natural lost.

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