Rampant testosterone, physical aggression, burly thighs sighted at Griffth Park?

frazetta.gifSoooo, I keep hearing this rumor. Now, we all know there are many hikes that happen in Griffith Park, but I keep hearing about one specifically–one that takes place every third weekend of the month.

The Gladiator Hike.

All the info I have is that folks dress up in their “300” finest, their Russell Crowe-inspired breastplates, their period-appropriate codpieces with banners and flags and such, and then proceed to trudge up the hill.

I must know about this. This is one of those “only in LA” things. Can anyone shed some light on who organizes this, where it meets, what it’s like, etc? Is it an excuse for boys who like gladiators to gawk at one anothers’ barrel chests and bulging biceps? Is it a bunch of history buffs? Is it a bunch of Eagle Scouts who got tired of hiking in their uniforms?

Image by fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.

9 thoughts on “Rampant testosterone, physical aggression, burly thighs sighted at Griffth Park?”

  1. I dunno, but I have seen a guy hiking in Runyon Canyon on occasion who wears a kilt.

    One other place to look, though, is actually for “Markland” reenactor groups. They stole my name ages ago, but is actually a very large subculture of people who engage in medievel/Vikingish roleplay and live action war games.

  2. You scared me for a second, I thought this was going to one of those “I discovered cruising happens in Griffith expose’ storys”. Whew, am so glad there was a justified reason for men in codpieces and testosterone issues to be in the park.

  3. I’ve seen them more than once while hiking up there. Being a Roman history scholar, it’s more than a little trippy. They wear what looks like pretty decent Roman soldier garb, and they chant ‘Roman’-themed marching tunes as they go. The funniest part I saw was at the end of their march one day, when their womenfolk (who hung out at the bottom of the hill) very gingerly removed, folded, and put away their costumery.

  4. As an aside: We had a Marklander run for Student Council “King” at University of Maryland while I was there. “Vote for King Tom and you never have to vote again” was his slogan. He won.

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