Killer Cupcakes and Wii to burn it off
Sierra Cup is the place. Killer Cupcakes. Awesome yogurt. A terrific cup of coffee. It doesn’t get better than that in my book. What makes it better is its blocks from home in the heart of Old Town Monrovia on Myrtle Avenue across from the Krikorian. Their soft opening is this week. Soft as in stuff like the back courtyard still under construction, but key things like the shop itself is up and running. The official grand opening with a ribbon cutting even is set for November 7 at noon. Don’t wait they are too good to miss out waiting for the mayor to do a ribbon cutting.

I got my first taste of what was to come when they had a booth at the Wine, Food and Jazz Festival a few weeks ago. I have been dying for them to open. I love cupcakes, which means I am picky picky picky.

The chocolate cupcake was great, the red velvet a notch better. The Carrot Cake was pretty terrific and a nice way to sneak a veggie into a kid. The ABSOLUTE best in the roster is their Coconut Cupcake. Not so sweet it hides the coconut flavor. Those alone are worth their weight in carb points. Too good to be true, where have they been hiding all my life?

More goodness on Sierra Cup after the jump.
Their coffee is awesome. I learned in talking with Dexter one of the co-owners that they did a lot of taste tastings to get their custom roast where they wanted it to be. In a blind taste testing they will claim it beat Peats, Coffee Bean, Starbucks and someplace called Kings Road coffees in a blind tasting. Odd…that could be an event all onto its own. Whatever they did it is a killer cup of coffee.

Their plain tangy yogurt just kicked. Best I have ever had and I usually don’t like the stuff. Just enough tang to enjoy with none of that filmy stuff like frogurt. Ever the cynic I had to ask co-owner Larry Ogron about the yogurt to see if it was the real deal. No crackberry pinkberry litigation in the wings for this group which is good for us.

It is real. No worries about it running afoul with the CA Dept of Food and Agriculture like that crackberry pinkberry stuff did. It is bought from a dairy with live cultures so its really good for you too. Non-fat is a plus in my book too, though the goodies you can mix in could ruin that fast if you aren’t careful. It comes in blueberry and a nicely done dark chocolate as well. Larry wouldn’t give me the details, but they do have a special top secret recipe for their yogurts. Keep it a secret just make lots is all I ask. All are really good but I swear the plain tart is the best of the bunch.

In watching the crowds the last few days they have had some steady traffic. Their goal is to be a neighborhood gathering place. To that end they have Wii counsels set up and kids as well as adults can be seen playing the games. More than a few moms’ have grabbed a cup of coffee and sat outside while the kids knocked themselves out with the Wii. Imagine that…sugar up the kidlets then have a place other than the back seat for them to work it off. They could very well be onto something.

Free wifi is part of their deal. From curb side seating to the soon to be completed rear courtyard you should be able to just hang, get some work done and enjoy a snack. It has already attracted curb sitters who snag the free wifi and hog a prime parking spot, always some character to abuse a freebie.

The other co-owner Dexter De Mesa gave me a tour of some things in the works around the place. The rear courtyard will eventually have a couple of cabana’s and a stage. Yup, a stage for live performances, open mike style is a possibility. Behind the stage will be a screen for showing movies and stuff. Think drive-in, family style kicking back with your Sierra Cup treats having a good time. They may well make their goal of it being a neighborhood hang out.

They are unique and better than the usual corporate blandness they want to be a part of the community. Besides the stage for local performers, local artists will have a wall space available to hang their items. Giving back to the community is good, something you get with local businesses.

Check their website HERE.

As a special treat for you Metroblog readers I got Sierra Cup to give me the ok to pass this deal on to you. Print the post card and bring it into the store during the month of November and you get to take advantage of their “Buy one, Get one Free” promo.


All pics by me and done with their permission (no sneaky use of the che-ez this time. Rub’em click’em and they get bigger.

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  1. Cool. I followed that link to their website and they must be affiliated with Sierra Entertainment, makers of the finest video games. Software houses creating neighborhood hangouts? I think they may be on to something…at least that explains the Wii.

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