Gym Protection

In Universal City, helmets are the new black.

There’s this guy at L.A. Fitness. He’s there every night, standing around, arms crossed. Sometimes he’s sitting on a stationary bike, shades on, watching CNN.

He proudly wears the blue L.A. Fitness shirt, with black sweats pulled clear up to his nips. I wonder what he does. You know, what his job is. Trainer? Technician? Mascot?

Whatever it is, it must be dangerous. Last night, he was wearing a helmet. A bike helmet. Inside the gym. With his shades on.

I found Helmet Man amusing. I snickered on the way to the locker room. But, then I felt uneasy. Unsure. I felt jealous. As if I didn’t get the memo. He must know something that I do not.

Now, I want to wear a helmet, too. Another L.A. trend is born.

9 thoughts on “Gym Protection”

  1. It is possible (although from your introduction he already sounds a bit off) that he’s training for something or other. On occasion I’ve been tempted to do my workout in one or another odd pieces of gear for training purposes.

  2. Taking pics in the gym isn’t a good thing, less so if its with a camera phone. You then become the freak picture collector. Though it could be a good thing if you’re trying to break into tmz.

  3. Has it occurred to you that he might be mentally disabled or have a mental disorder? Why the need to snicker?

  4. I believe he’s the head of the group of trainers–I forget what they are called–there. He goes by “Dr.” something. He came in to a yoga class I was in there to recruit people to sign up for nutrition evaluation and information. He was yammering on about taking the right supplements, etc. while two of his trainers walked around and tried to get people to sign up for a session. No one did. I’ve seen him in the shades, but never the helmet!

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