Archiving Angeles (AA): Halloween Innocence

Photo from USC Digital Archives

Meet Martha & Jimmy. Clay & Bobby Sue. Judy & Buzz.

They did not know the Fall Festival. They knew Halloween. Witches. Ghosts. Jack-O-Lanterns. Candy. Apple cider.

They didn’t have the Wii, or iPhones or MySpace. They saw their Top 5 in person.

They were not concerned about razor blades or trans fats. They did not know global warming or AIDS.

They were just kids being kids.

It was the Immaculate Heart Convent Halloween Party. The year was 1951.

4 thoughts on “Archiving Angeles (AA): Halloween Innocence”

  1. They were hopped up on Demerol
    They hated Mexicans
    Their older brothers died in Europe or the Pacific
    Their priests molested them
    They would later support Viet Nam
    2 of 5 would become alcoholics

  2. Maybe some of that is true, Ted, but if this photo has anything to do with Immaculate Heart College, let the record show that the nuns and students of that College were very active in opposing the war in Vietnam (as well as demonstrating for civil and women’s rights), long before it was fashionable.

  3. i thinking that is the high school.
    oh, mr. roller’s both the high school and the college were very active in the anti-war movement as well as women’s rights. the high school was kicked out of the archdiocese in the mid 60s for wanting to be less dogmatic and more connected to the young women they were helping to mold. they take pride in that fact.

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