Walk, Jog, Run, or Crawl Around Your Hood

I like maps. They tell me where to go. Where I’ve been. Which craigslist rental to avoid.

Here’s a handy tool to keep track of your daily run, or to help you stalk that hot neighborhood jogger. It’s Walk Jog Run.

You can map the route you took, or plan to take, and it breaks it down by 1) Turn 2) Leg Distance 3) Time 4) Total Distance and 5) Total Time. You can write up your own little description of the route, like “this tag-infested stretch of auto repair shops will make you wish you were still in bed,” or, whatever.

There are no instructions on how to not get killed running in Los Angeles. That feature may be beta testing.

I entered the ever-trendy zip of 91602, and selected MrTeacher3‘s route through Toluca Lake.

It may look like you’re running in circles. But, it’s nice outside. Why not get an early start on Halloween? Put on a gorilla suit, and take a stroll through this beautiful upscale neighborhood.

Someone set us up the map. All your street are belong to us.