The King and Her

Deborah Kerr died today. She was 86. She had a brilliant career, but is most often remembered for her role as Anna Leonowens in The King and I. What you probably don’t know or remember is that it was her on the other end of Burt Lancaster’s lips in that most famous kiss scene on beach in From Here to Eternity.

I love The King and I, I think Yul Brenner is HOT. The scene (shown in the photo) is one of my all time favorite in the movies. Their love is forbidden, and they never acknowledge it, but they have one dance together and it is S T E A M Y. Watch it, tell me that is not a sexy scene, even with all it’s old school innocence.

She was nomited six times for an Oscar, but never won. Though she was awarded an honorary Oscar in 1993 for her body of work.

Keep dancing, Deborah, we’ll miss you.

To see the beach scene kiss and a list of her nomination join us after the jump.

Nominations for Best Actress Oscar:
1949 – Edward, My Son
1953 – From Here to Eternity
1956 – The King and I
1957 – Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
1958 – Separate Tables
1960 – The Sundowners

3 thoughts on “The King and Her”

  1. Her films combined beauty, grace and intelligence in a way that made her seem like an everywoman. A true talent. She also made fascinating choices in her roles, some that today we might consider brave and controversial. One of my faves is the dark and strange gem Black Narcissus about a nun in remote Himalayan convent which hangs on the edge of madness. Bravo!

  2. Wow – I had no idea she was still alive. She was such a beauty and her films were all lovely. (And Yul Brynner was a favorite of mine, too. Yum!)

  3. I also highly recommend viewing her excellent 1961 film THE INNOCENTS. It’s a great ghost story – perfect for Halloween – and a tremendous performance by the late Ms. Kerr.

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