No $%@*$ cussing ordinance?

nocussclubshirt.jpg Picked up this little news bit this morning over coffee on CBS morning news. Found the link to the story here on their web page HERE.

First off, applause are due for South Pasadena resident McKay Hatch and his parents for teaching him activisim is a good thing. Young Hatch as he made the jump from elementary school to middle school was not happy with his friends cussing. He formed a “no cussing club”. Not a bad idea, peer pressure to clean up the language. Purely a voluntary thing. The club has taken off with clubs in 32 cities in 11 countries.

Gotta love South Pasadena City Council. They heaped praise on his efforts, and rightly so. They even are looking at a “no swearing ordinance” for the city. Rewind…what, limit speech? C’mon I don’t agree with the constant swearing, but regulating speech by law? Isn’t that contrary to freedom of speech?

What you say LA, is limiting speech as a matter of law ok?

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  1. Uhhh… as a kid who grew up keeping my nose clean and being a nice young man, a “no cussing” club, let alone an ordinance, seems to me like one of the absolutely misguided efforts a kid could make. Does he put himself on a moral high ground for not using offensive language? Is this Karl Rove’s kid? And does anyone think that a club, complete with t-shirts, is going to curb language? Then again, I also grew up learning that out of all the judges of character, the choice of language someone uses is as poor an indicator as how someone dresses. The biggest scumbags around are often the ones with the cleanest mouths.

  2. I’ve always been confused about the perceived harm resulting from “cussing”. What makes “FUCK” a “bad” word? What makes any word “bad”? How can a word harm someone? These things seem inextricably tied to religious beliefs. So, not only is it imposing limitations on one’s speech, it is imposing religious ideas. Strike two on the First Amendment, IMHO.

  3. As a South Pasadena resident, I’m about to become an activist myself. I will hope to be at the next South Pas City Council meeting in order to tell them, “No fucking way.” I think it’s a loose connection to religion, but this is definitely a free speech issue.

  4. Wow. Religious ties? Since when did being polite, which is what we’re talking about here, go back to anything religious? Or is it just a safe place to launch hatred towards? I must be the only one left that sees this as it is. A teenager who is sick of degrading, foul language and wants the city to step in and do something, since the citizens can no longer do it themselves. We all no that it is not just FUCK. How about nigga or nigger, whatever you preference may be? How about calling women bitches? Isn’t this rudeness bordering on hate? But of course California just rallies round the constitution when it pleases them. I don’t think this is what our Founder’s had in mind. Don’t lecture, I live in SD and am not a Republican. Why should anyone be subjected to rudeness, when you are just too lazy to be concerned about another’s feelings? Public is not Private. Show some respect because, contrary to popular belief as Americans, it is not all about the individual. We belong to a greater society.

  5. I believe words have power. After all, if someone says to me, you’re ugly, well, gosh — that’s going to hurt my feelings, even if I *know* its not true. Foul language, IMHO, is often filler for when the speaker doesn’t have a better choice of words. That’s not to say that I never slip, but I *am* human, after all.

  6. Words are certainly powerful. A good example of the backlash in a bad fashion might be found in two words: Minor Threat.
    Yes, I do mean Ian, Jeff and that lot from DC in 1980.
    While I have long been a great fan of that band’s music (I even have a very close friend who lives down the street from Jeff Nelson, in northern Ohio), and am aware that they created a monster (I usta go to Fender’s in Long Beach–when everyone from 7 Seconds, to Celtic Frost, to GWAR, to Agnostic Front, to Metallica’s side projects played there–and I remember OC X-edgers knocking beers out of others’ hands and entire riots erupting before the swill hit the floor.
    Let me be very clear: I have no respect for the constitution nor the self-righteous bullshit that tends to be the engine behind curse-word ordinances. People long dead wrote the former, and to this day too many morons tend to feed the latter. People should understand the levity of the words they employ (too many people merely utter what they think they mean to say) and appreciate the responsibility of the connotation.
    Ultimately, I would like to think this kid, like Ian MacKaye and Co. way back when, is speaking his own mind against a tide of cussing-flavoured idiocy. (I ride the buses daily, and frequently the 180/181/780, all three of which go deep into Pasadena. The school kids that tend to crowd the buses swear like sailors yet are obviously idiots; they mis-use words in a fashion no less reprehensible than the swear words that heavily pepper their mindless chatter.)
    But the chances are also too good that he has been heavily influenced by his parents and other self-righteous authoritarians, many of whom are no doubt better off with the off-colour words amid their otherwise flavourless small talk and TV-inspired topics.
    In any case, government-regulated speech is bad enough. To have the schmucks from neigbourhood councils all the way up to Congress telling us we cannot say certain words, while they daily dodge their own travails of narrowly saying “nigger,” “fag,” “fuck” and “cunt” even while they and their colleagues tap-dance with their dicks out in public toilets, is something the pinheads in Pasadena should consider, lest I push for a “No Idiot Zone.” Such a movement would quickly result in a widespread annihilation of at least 99% of the human population. Suffice to state, there would be no “No Idiot” T-shirts nor would there be the crass sort that tend to wander the streets wearing someone else’s small-minded sound-bite.

  7. Wow. This kid has started quite an enterprise.$10 per shirt that costs 3.65 max to produce? Paul Crouch look out! I shiver at the link he implies between cussing, drugs and pornography. How bullshit can you get?

    Words only have power if they are given it by reaction. In my home, I use colorful language daily. I usually vent while driving and describe in great detail my opinion of my fellow drivers. My kids (12,11 boys) hear it all. They know that my ultimate wish would be a PA system and a rocket launcher atop my HOnda.

  8. I want to go higher tech, laser cannon and vaporize the boneheads. I swear, usually under my breath when the other driver offends just to vent. Better that then something more obnoxious that could lead to bigger problems.

    I have to agree swearing is just a vent. Interesting there was a bit on the news this morning that a study in the UK says swearing in the work place is a good thing among peers as it is a stress reliever AND builds comradery.

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