*ICME: Monster ‘Stang

10%2018%2007002.jpg *It Caught My Eye…1965 Mustang attached to a monster truck chassis with a super duper lift kit. Spotted it in the Valley while wandering around in North Hollywood. Utterly genius and ridiculous at the same time. One more reason I love LA.

Did you notice as well the start of fall colors? For all you misplaced Easterners who pine for fall color proof we do get fall color!

Pic by me with the trusty Che-ez. You know the drill mouse it, click it and bigger but not better.

3 thoughts on “*ICME: Monster ‘Stang”

  1. You make me laugh. I have Trailer Trash Parties often enough without travelling out. It’s my old ‘hood gladly meet you for coffee or lunch.

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